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Who Are We?

After 20 years of scientific research, we've formulated the top industry leading products to satisfy the health and beauty needs. Consumers of all ages, sexes and numerous needs have seen the results they have been looking for in the general health, bodybuilding, weight loss, wrinkle reducing, skin care, and cosmetic fields.

Our commitment to provide the safest and most effective products in the health and beauty industry utilizing the cutting-edge science helps keep our formulas favorites from customers all around the world.

The bottom line, Gadd Formulas helps create and provide the best selling premium formulations on the market with our commitment to Quality, Science & Safety.


Premium products are produced by choosing the very best ingredients to include in the formulation. Too often these days, too many companies cut corners to reduce costs, ease and comfort, and inability to access the best ingredients. With years of experience in the health and beauty industry, we have spared no expense in formulating the very best products that already exist. We push the industry to get better and catch up to our quality formulations.


Cutting-edge scientific research maybe out there, but it doesn't always make it to help fulfill our every day needs. While costs may be a factor, the lack of knowledge is also another reason this is so. With our scientific experts working around the clock to stay ahead of the curve, we are very invested in ensuring the right scientific research, technology and clinical studies are used to create our leading formulations.


Our health supplements are created with 100% all natural ingredients that are designed to promote safe and effective use of our quality products. Even within natural ingredients, we carefully choose ingredients that will be safe for everyday use. Partnering with manufacturers that follow our commitment to safety, we are meticulously working to help provide safe products.

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